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Funny How Things Turn Out

They say life mirrors art, or is it art mirrors life? I’m never sure, but aspects of my stories have a way of happening, which is why I’m very wary about killing characters off or giving them illnesses or making terrible things happen to them; I don’t want to tempt Fate and bring it on anyone I know or love.

Since writing The Author, The Gardener and The Woman What Does two things have come to pass: I now have a gardener and a cleaner myself. Two wonderful people who both do a fabulous job, much better than I could do even before M.E took its toll on my old body.

They’re nothing like the characters in my book. Both are happily married to other people. Both come to me on different days. I don’t feed them as Tess does in my story other than a drink and maybe a cake that Mr Kipling has made, my energy levels don’t run to cooking. My gardener doesn’t use an electric mower and strimmer but petrol ones, something I’d have known if the gardener had come before the idea for the story.

I found them both by chance. I’d been needing them for a while as I was finding it increasingly difficult to manage both the garden and the housework due to my health condition. My gardener pushed a flyer through my door and my cleaner came from a chat to my cousin who I knew was very particular who she had in her house and I feel very comfortable with both, which I think is so important. In the past I’ve had people do jobs for me who I couldn’t wait to get out of the house. If I don’t feel comfortable with people they don’t set foot in my house again once I’ve got them out. As it is I’ve got a great electrician, plumber, decorator, mechanic, etc, a good network, all found over time.

As for dogs, I gave Tess in the book two rough collies after the two I’d had when I was younger. Mine were Sheba and Jodi, mother and daughter; hers were Bella and Donna, sisters. I’ve always been a rough collie person since reading Enid Blyton’s Shadow the Sheepdog when I was ten but I wouldn’t want another dog, not got the energy to look after one. I’m a dog hotel to my fur grandsons Ralphy and Rooney, my sons’ two labradoodles when they go on holiday. I don’t have them together, tried it once for an afternoon, never again, they go wild, but we usually let them have a visit and a rampage round the garden when I’ve got one of them. Their visits satisfy any yen I may have for a dog, they are nice to have and nice to give back.

Like Tess in the story I’ve published several books. Unlike her they haven’t made me millions. For that I am still waiting! As for the romance – too old, too ill, too worn out. By and large I’m content on my own. I don’t want to be washing someone’s boxers and socks or cooking their meals when I haven’t got enough energy to get through the day. The crime part of the story? I’ll pass on that too thanks!

6 responses to “Funny How Things Turn Out

  1. What a lovely post Cheryl. Of course since reading this book a few years ago we have become firm friends albeit on the internet only, and I have enjoyed all your books to date. What you have written here gives a good insight into your life and personality and I’m sure will earn you a few more fans. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  2. An interesting post, Maureen, and one that tells us much about you as a person. I can only agree with you that it’s often funny how things turn out. As for you being old….? Then I must be positively ancient. Like you, I also love dogs, but they’re a lot of hard work and I wouldn’t have time to care for one nowadays. Writing and publishing books is time consuming, especially when we take into account all the promotion and marketing that goes with it. You’ve written a lot of great books and I’m sure you’ll keep on doing so for a long time yet. πŸ˜€

  3. Thanks Millie. Yes it is time consuming writing and marketing isn’t it. Keeps us busy πŸ™‚

  4. Oops… I’ve just noticed that I put Maureen’s name in my reply instead of yours, Sherrie. Many apologies – it must have been after reading Maureen’s comment. But she’s right, this is a really interesting post. I have your book on my TBR and hope to read it before too long. πŸ˜€

    • Not to worry ha ha, easily done. I can never work out how messages work on blogs, mine often won’t let me comment without logging in and I can never remember the password! Thank you so much for adding the book to your TBR list. Very kind of you. I’ve enjoyed your books as you know.

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