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Shadow Across the Sun

I first had a notion to write a memoir when I was reading Danielle Steele’s ‘Fine Things.’ The more I read the more I thought, ‘I’ve lived this; I could write this.’ The irritating part came many years later when an agent said that the market for non celebrity memoirs was appallingly bad. My story is not one of celebrity but one of everyday life, and bereavement. I lost my mother as a child and I’m sure that many people have lived through that trauma. I just hope that my story will help others going through the same thing.



4 responses to “Shadow Across the Sun

  1. Maureen Turner ⋅

    Wow! is all I can say. Well done Cheryl.

  2. Very nicely said. This new electronic age allowed me to gather a nice collection of email rejections over the past few years. Self publishing presented a platform to let go of my story and push forward with new ideas. I may be publishing to a small audience but it’s more than I could have reached before. Best of luck to you.

    • Thanks for your comment. I can certainly relate to the rejections! I’d got a pile of letters the size of the yellow pages! Then I found and publishing for kindle with Amazon. As you say it may be a small audience but from little acorns…
      Good luck with your work too.

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